Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tri-fold Shutter Card

I have been seeing everyone post all the beautiful shutter fold cards, and I finally had time (sorta) to sit down and try one.  A dear friends birthday was Valentine's Day, and I made her one. She is a teacher at my son's school.. and I was rushing to finish in time for the Party/Dance at the school.  I got the card cut and folded.. made the pic. decorated... FORGOT TO TAKE THE PIC!!  LOL I am really bad about not taking pics of the finished product.Paper used was WE R MEMORY KEEPERS " Tiffany's"   it is a pretty soft pink with glitter on the flowers.

  The card had her name PENNY and HAPPY BIRTHDAY in pink glitter rub on letters that stood out really well.  I added a black daisy that i had brushed with silver stickles on the front.. I wasn't sure about the black at 1st.. but when it was finished it was just right!!   She loved it!!


  1. Aren't those cards so fun and easy to make?!!! Love it!!

  2. Your craft room is awesome, you did a great job on it. Pink if my favorite color. Pink is the new black. LOL

  3. I like you tri shutter card too. I posted my previous comment under the wrong heading. LOL


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