Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Craft Room EXPLODED

OK, so it didn't REALLY explode, but it sure looks like it did!!  I had a twin bed and a huge desk in this small room, and have taken them both out.  I am FINALLY able to start pulling this room into some kind of order.  My Hubby laughed at me for waiting for the 40% coupon from M's before I would buy the Jet Max cubes.. until the saw the prices and realized how many I needed!  I have been hoarding them for over a year.  Here are the BEFORE pics..  still getting everything organized and I will post the AFTER pics when I finish. 



  1. Hey Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I love seeing before and after craft room pictures. Can't wait to see the organized room! My "craft room" is half of the wall in my living room and my craft table is the kitchen table. lol Amy :)

  2. Ha...I just checked my comments and that wasn't you. he he I'm funny. But thanks for following me and I still can't wait to see the after pics. :)

  3. lol Amy that has happened to me also!! I will be posting my AFTER pics tomorrow! :) when i first started crafting, my "room" was also my laundry room.. and 6x6 space. i feel like i am in a castle now!


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